Where to get pictures for your blog?

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If your blog becomes more popular and more people join it, its rank in the search engine will increase. Just like the risk that someone will find your photo with you this way.

So where to get pictures to:

a) not to pay (because we can take the paid ones from the photoly or other paid photo banks)
b) not to be attacked by anyone because of the theft of his rights to the photo?

A nice option is to use the free image bank: freeimages.com

There are a lot of photos here and a lot of new ones, they are in nice quality and you can download them for free.


  • You need to register
  • And select photos with the note “Standard restrictions Apply” (see photo below). As there is another note – you have to write to the owner with information where it will be used (I personally do not play in it, unless the photo is really divine), I only choose Standard restrictions Apply.