What type of blogs can you earn?

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How to choose the subject of a blog you are writing and on what blogs can you earn good money? Many novice bloggers wonder what to write about on their blog in order to get the maximum profit from it in the future and at the same time not waste time on something that will not translate into money.

And although a blog should be written out of passion and love for something, the reality is completely different and often people who do not write “out of passion”, but from “reflection and consequences of actions” earn more than typical hobbyists.

In the past, the blog was treated as a kind of internet diary, on which teenagers posted a description of their day, chicks, smacks and sobs over their first love. On such blogs, hearts or devils were following the mouse, and popular music played in the background. And usually it was impossible to earn money on such blogs. The reason for this was primarily the limited number of readers (how much can you read about other people’s life misfortunes, breakdowns, and tragedies of a teenager?).

Low readership = no prospects for advertisers = no profits.
Small number of readers = few clicks on the advertisements
Today, blogs that cover topics from specific fields and have specific advertisers are on the rise. These are more of a website – run in the form of a blog, but definitely not “diaries of life”. It is possible to earn money on such blogs – and although the beginnings are always difficult, consistency pays off.

Topic: what blogs can you earn?
To earn money on the blog you create, look for topics that are popular, readily read by Internet users, generate a lot of traffic and are constantly up-to-date.

Interesting fact: it is more profitable to write on general, constantly relevant topics (e.g. business, family) than on topics that are super topical only now, but not in a month’s time (e.g. business 2015, politics!). You will read a typically political article once and you will not come back to it, and in 3 months neither of the readers will want to return to the old and outdated content. The article “what blogs can earn” will be read today and in 5 years (while writing this text, I review, for example, articles from thematic blogs from 3-4 years ago – which means that their owners will record traffic, my clicks and earn, even though wrote the text a few years ago).

Popular blogging fields

Finance, banking, loans (always needed)
Fashion, beauty and weight loss (forever alive)
Computer games, online games, the games sector in general
Social: Dating, Hanging Up, Relationships
Kitchen, cooking
Childrew, family