What is Outreach marketing?

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Outreach marketing? What is this?

Outreach marketing is a concept that assumes that you can use the reach of others to achieve specific business goals. The whole idea is therefore based on finding influential people gathering a specific group of recipients around them – one that largely coincides with the target group of a given company.

By establishing cooperation, it is then possible, among others:

  • gaining new customers,
  • increasing sales,
  • building brand awareness,
  • improving visibility on the web.

For this reason, outreach marketing is also often referred to as influencer marketing. The latter name is usually associated with big campaigns for really big money. For this reason, small companies usually do not even think about this form of promotion, believing that they do not have the budget for it.

Cooperation is based on the assumption that both parties benefit from it

An example of outreach marketing may well be, for example, sending bloggers or youtubers running book channels news on the publishing market, which they will later be able to discuss as part of their reviews. For the publishing house it is a really small expense, but it can pay off very well.