What is Facebook Protect?

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What is Facebook Protect? Facebook will lock your account if you don’t enable this feature. True, not fake! Facebook will really block access to accounts for people who don’t turn on Facebook Protect.
est is a real Facebook program that was initially tested in the United States and now in Europe.
This feature will secure your account and must be enabled.

A notification about Facebook Protect appears for people who have qualified for the program.

We will see the notification both in the browser on the computer and in the mobile application.
Facebook Protect gives you 15 days to turn it on.

Facebook Protect is to protect your Facebook account from attacks. Initially, the entire program focused on politicians and government organizations that could be attacked by hackers during the election period. Now the program is available to all Facebook users.

Just click the “Enable” or “Enable Now” button in the notification.

We will be transferred to a subpage that will check two things on our account: the strength of our password and two-step verification.
Facebook stipulates that changing your password and turning on 2SV is just the beginning.

s part of the Facebook Protect program, the website may additionally monitor accounts to detect hacker attacks or an unexpected sudden surge of visitors.