What are AR filters?

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AR filters, i.e. filters using augmented reality, allow you to apply animated effects to the image from the camera in real time, and then to share the photo or video created with their use.

These filters have become extremely popular on the Instagram platform, which since 2019 allows users to create and share them on their own. Since then, filters have attracted the attention of many brands around the world.

To see if a given brand profile on Instagram provides effects, masks (AR face filters), after entering it, check if the star icon is displayed.

Benefits of using AR filters?

Increasing commitment. Filters are a good way to interact with your audience that can be used to show the personality of your brand. Brand awareness increase. The use of AR filters significantly increases brand awareness. Unique content and UGC effect. AR filters are unique content that engages users in communicating with the brand and increases trust in it.

Brand loyalty. It is also important that the users themselves, using filters, create content and share it. As many as 90% of consumers trust brand-related content if it is created by another user.