The most important challenges facing content marketing

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Filling the data gap with content is one of the most important challenges that content marketers will face in the next year. Privacy is becoming increasingly important to digital reality users. Marketers base their activities on data, so content marketing is slowly becoming the key to obtaining data on potential customers. In a non-intrusive manner, with the full consent and approval of these clients.

Metaverse becomes an interesting challenge. It is a world that will be systematically filled with content, so it will also become a field for content marketers.

An important topic, apart from the mainstream, is the issue of combining NFT and content. Content tokenization is an area that will start to stand out next year, so it’s worth looking at this issue. Tokens are becoming one of the direct selling methods, enabling buyers to support the activity of, for example, a specific content creator.

Technological news and content marketing in 2022? Content tokenization, virtual content trading with NFT. More and more advanced conversational interfaces using machine learning, which are powered by content.
Content more and more using the possibilities of AR.