Taboola presents “Homepage For You”

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Taboola presents “Homepage For You”.

Taboola is a world leader in providing recommendations that allow Internet users to discover interesting content on the web that they can like.

This AI-powered solution enabling editors to create homepages as personalized and engaging as the world’s best social apps: technology enables more than 30% increase in CTR. The solution is already used by leading publishers such as “McClatchy”, “The Independent” and “Estado de Minas”. “Homepage For You” strengthens the Taboola Newsroom offering, allowing editors to compete with social networking sites with personalized content.

Among the first partners to use the “Homepage For You” tool are global publishing brands such as “McClatchy”, “The Independent” and “Estado de Minas”,

which use it to improve their online metrics such as click-through rate (CTR) and number of pages displayed (PV), bounce rate, and more. During the beta testing phase, publishers noticed that the homepage areas personalized with Taboola had a 30% to 50% higher click-through rate.

The “Homepage For You” tool gives editors new possibilities of managing the home page, allowing them to increase its attractiveness through the use of advanced S.I. and a proven recommendation creation platform used by over 9,000 publishers around the world.

By personalizing content based on the interests of the audience, Homepage For You supports the editors ‘experience in creating compelling pages that attract visitors’ attention and engage more.