Monetizing Instagram: 5 Ways

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How to do it? Monetizing Instagram: 5 Ways to do it!

1. Selling your own products
2. Cooperation with brands
The most obvious way to earn money seems to be influencer marketing.
3. Affiliate cooperation
Often, the influencers, instead of receiving remuneration for the post, agree to affiliate cooperation.
4. Instagram as an additional promotion channel
Instagram can also be not so much a way to generate a whole new income, but to promote content posted elsewhere.
Recently, Instagram has also been using IGTV, i.e. advertising that works in a similar way as in the case of YouTube. Creators receive up to 55% of all ads viewed by their audience.

Contrary to appearances, you do not need to have hundreds of thousands of followers around to make earning on Instagram possible. However, a lot depends on several factors, such as the niche in which you operate and the engagement of your audience. The best Instagrammers can charge themselves up to several thousand for one post.