Metaverse – what is this phenomenon?

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In recent days, the world of broadly understood media was shocked by the news of Facebook’s name change. Of course, it is not about the social platform itself, which has already been remembered for good by users, but the entire company of Mark Zuckerberg, responsible for the aforementioned Facebook, as well as Instagram, Whatsapp and many other communication tools. Now the entire power of social media will be called Meta – it is an abbreviation of the mysterious word “metaverse” (from a cluster of words meta or “beyond” and “universe”, or “world”).

You could say that the metaverse is “the world in the world” – the kind we know from movies that focus on dystopian themes (eg, “The Matrix”, “Black Mirror”). In the context of today’s technological achievements, it will be a completely new form of the Internet, which will allow the virtual and real world to merge with the use of various services, services and technologies.

By using avatars and, for example, VR goggles (although it is not said that they will be necessary), we will be able to log in to the appropriate platform to move to a digital land where we will not only experience and experience ourselves, but also be able to invite your friends. All this to have fun together at one virtual event or establish business relationships in the online world.

Zuckerberg predicts that the development of this technology is progressing so rapidly that within a decade there will be as many as one billion users in this new virtual world. Sounds unreal? Experts say that the development of this complex phenomenon may actually happen faster than we think, because it is actually just another stage in the digitization of our lives that was started by social media.

The development of the metaverse, which enables us to meet and experience virtual ones, has accelerated rapidly due to the pandemic, but as a civilization, we would probably go towards digitizing our experiences sooner or later.