Is it worth having several blogs?

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In business – not only in the Internet business, a lot is said today about the need to diversify sources of income so that in the event of a failure in one area, you can earn a living from another. Following this lead, many bloggers I know (and who blog for earning money) do not just focus on one main blog, but have at least several of them.

On the other hand, it’s a bit like catching a few magpies by the tail, and you know that if you catch too many magpies, one trip and they will all fly away …

Is it worth having several blogs?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, but if you are just starting to go this way, or just getting started, I would not recommend setting up a few or a dozen blogs at the same time. The reason is very prosaic here: you will not stretch out your time, and you have to write for a blog to make it live. And it’s not just 1 text a week.

It is worth thinking about starting another blog when all the basic issues related to it are covered, and when we organize ourselves in such time that it will be possible to write texts for the next page. It is obvious that you will not commission anyone to write such texts at the start, because you simply will not be able to afford it.

Why is it worth having several blogs over time?

First: how much can you still write about the same? Suppose you started a travel blog, you write a month, two, a year, three years. The blog starts to earn money, has traffic but … you burn out, because how much can you finally do? In such moments, a second blog on a different topic, e.g. about finance, business or cooking, can be a bull’s eye. Wind in your wings, new power!

Second: more earning opportunities. If a blog makes money from advertisers, the tourism industry, for example, or anything else, is not a bottomless bag. You won’t throw your entire blog with ads, because no one would visit it, and the group of advertisers is shrinking. But a new blog – a different one (!) Means new options: in the financial, health or fashion and beauty industries, advertisers or ads from Google Adsense and affiliate systems are completely different. It’s like an “extra water tap” that will diversify your income.

Third: An old blog with traffic and regular readers can be used to promote a new blog – there is a good chance that some of your readers will look at your next page. Especially if they like to read you. Effect? You get almost instant traffic to your new blog – and any aspiring blogger knows it’s not that obvious.