Influencer marketing in e-commerce

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You can compete with the biggest players in your industry for quality, speed of delivery, customer service and even price. The key to success, however, is to effectively reach potential buyers and get them to act. This, in turn, is helped by consciously conducted influencer marketing. How to analyze its results on an ongoing basis? To what extent do web creators actually influence the conversion?

Do influencers really sell?

Yes, definitely.
The statistics from August 2021 leave no doubt: influencer marketing allows in some cases to generate an average of $ 5.78 out of 1 dollar invested as part of ROI (return on investment).

First of all, through a creative and sincere partnership between the brand and the influencer who promotes it, who should even be an expert on a given product or service. Packages with products or vouchers sent to the smallest creators or their followers also have their impact. It is an inexpensive and quite effective method of the so-called user generated content.

How can a brand measure the effects of cooperation with an influencer?
Conversion Height, Scale of reach and engagement,
The growth dynamics of the target group