How to start a blog? Own, i.e. paid or free?

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Many of you ask what to consider when setting up your first blog, and above all: whether it should be a “paid” blog, i.e. placed on your own hosting, or a free blog, e.g. on blogspot, free wordpress, or other blogs, is enough to start. free blog systems.

Why is a free blog less profitable?


Free blogs are not really free – the owner of such a blogging system MUST make money on it, otherwise he would go with bags. And since you are not paying him for anything, he must earn his money otherwise. In this way, your blog will suddenly become full of pop-up ads when it gains several users or becomes popular. You don’t get anything from these ads. The owner of the system earns money, and your users get irritated by the fact that instead of reading calmly, they are attacked by dozens (yes, you read right), dozens of huge ads that are even difficult to close because they slide down, you can’t see X, hide somewhere on the sides and crawl out etc. etc. etc.

You certainly do not like to sit on websites where there is more advertising than content, and by funding your own “free blog” you fund your readers with such ads.


A free blog has limitations. Most of the platforms that allow you to create free blogs impose various restrictions on them, e.g. you can only insert a certain number of photos, because “capacity / space” is limited, or worse, you will not upload any amount of video because it will be cached for a month for the reader and it will certainly not be enough have the patience to watch them.

But that’s still nothing. The most troublesome are the restrictions on what SAM, as a blog owner, can and cannot interfere with. For example: you will not put your own ads on such a blog, you will not modify the template according to your own idea, you have limited navigation in the side boxes, you will not insert certain codes because the system does not allow it, etc. etc. You may also have a problem with uploading some useful tools, advanced stats, plugins, and other helpers needed to run your blog optimally over time.


If you create a free blog “to start”, and over time you decide to transfer it to another domain so that you already have a professional blog on your own hosting, then you will meet an interesting surprise …

Namely: after deleting the old blog, or transferring the content to the new one, it turns out that you “disappeared in google” and you start building your “market” position from scratch. In google, one of the very important elements determining the “quality” of your blog is its age. The longer a blog has been in existence, the better. But when the old free blog disappears and you create a new one, it will take some time before the search engine indexes it, and you will basically lose all those months or years during which you created on the previous system, because google robots will not connect what was and it is not with what you do all over again. Unfortunately.