Facebook will disappear from Europe?

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Facebook will disappear from Europe?

Meta informs about the possibility of closing Facebook and Instagram on the European market due to the rules on data sharing imposed by the European Union.

Meta released its annual report that the continued operation of Facebook and Instagram in Europe is in doubt. Reason? Restrictions on the processing of information about users. Mark Zuckerberg emphasizes that European data protection laws reduce the ability to transfer, store and process information about European users on servers in the USA.

The rules for the transfer of data from European countries to the USA are regulated by the so-called Privacy Shield, controlled by the EU. Increasingly, there are stricter restrictions on all forms of data transfer about users from Europe to the ocean.

The owner of Facebook and Instagram announces that he intends to conclude new contracts in 2022, but if a compromise is not found, popular social networks will have to disappear from the European market.