Facebook introduces professional mode for profiles

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Facebook will help monetize your content, and it will also introduce a professional mode for profiles. Thanks to this, the creators present on the platform will gain additional opportunities to monetize the content they publish, as well as control which materials are most popular among users.

The website announced that it wants the creators to be able to fully use the potential of the platform, and thus have the ability to effectively monetize the activity on the website and access data, thanks to which they can better understand what content is best received in the communities they have created.

Facebook points out that until now monetization tools were reserved only for websites, and many creators, especially beginners, used personal profiles. Therefore, now the introduction of professional mode for profiles has been announced.

The website informs that the biggest advantage of the professional mode profiles is the addition of the Reels Play bonus program, which allows the creators to earn up to 35,000. hole. per month based on view statistics.

It will also be easier to buy and send stars.